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Handgun Carry Permit Tips

Handgun Carry Permit

Knoxville Gun Range wants to be sure you are ready for your Handgun Carry Permit.  Here are four concealed carry tips every gun owner should know.

1. Try new guns and holsters out around the house before you wear them out in public.
Whether you’re getting ready for your first CCW or switching gear, it’s a good idea to take it for a test run around the house. This is a good way to know how the gun/holster combo works when you have to perform regular actions like bending/sitting/going to the bathroom.

2. No one can see your gun, but they can see you fiddling with your shirt
Some people obsess about concealment. We worry about printing a lot, when the real truth of the matter is that most people won’t notice your gun. People will notice you fiddling with your shirt and constantly picking at the tail of it to make sure your gun stays concealed. Relax and stop picking at your shirt.

3. Actually practice with your carry gear before you actually wear it.
We’re betting on this gear to save our life in an emergency. Never carry an untested gun/holster combo, because in the terrible moment where you need it, untested gear is more likely to fail than tried and true kit. I’d never carry a gun/holster combo that I hadn’t practiced with.

4. Don’t dry fire then immediately load up again
After you finish a dry fire practice session, take a 15 minute break before you reload and put your gun back on. The idea behind this is to create a mental separation between unloaded practice and actually carrying a loaded gun.

Despite what some people may say, there are plenty of valid reasons to concealed carry. The most important being that you simply want to protect yourself if the need should ever arise.

Most people who carry a concealed weapon never experience a serious situation where they have to use it, and, of course, they hope they never do. But it’s still crucial to be prepared for the worst and to be familiar with your firearm in case you ever do need to use it.

Choosing to concealed carry does come with responsibilities. If you do concealed carry, you should know how to use your weapon safely and properly and how to truly keep it “concealed”.

The philosophy of survival and preparedness goes hand in hand with the desire to concealed carry.

It’s not that we’re being paranoid. We just want to be responsible for our own safety and the safety of others.

Just remember the horrible recent mass shootings at places like schools and movie theaters to understand why carrying a concealed weapon is a must for any survivalist. We pray we don’t ever have to use our guns in a situation like that, but we will know what to do if we do.

It is also worth noting that the gun is not intended mainly for taking an attacker’s life. When the situation calls for it, like facing an armed bad guy, there is still a choice to just take him down and not take his life. This is the situation that will differentiate those who carry a gun for self defense and those who have malicious intent.

Responsible gun ownership dictates that using your weapon should only be the very last resort, so even in life-and-death situations, you have to keep your senses and avoid pulling the trigger right away.

This is a fine line, but we simply cannot be like other gun carriers who lose their temper on trivial things like a traffic altercation or a bar fight. If you want to concealed carry, make sure you have the right training, right state of mind, and meet all the legal requirements.