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  • Minimum Add Ons
  • $ 20.00 and up
    • Written Appraisals $40.00 and up
    • Choke Tubes (1 choke) $105.00
    • A2 Suppressor on AR15 $75.00

  • Minimum Sighting Fee
  • $ 20.00 per gun
    • Threading $70-$110
    • Bore Sighting Customer Gun $35.00
    • Trigger Job $60 and up

  • Minimum Bench Fee
  • $ 35.00 per gun
    • Minimum Bench Fee $35.00
    • Bench Fee Per Hour $70.00
    • Engraving $20.00 and up

  • Shipping Service
  • $ 35.00 and up
    • Handgun $35.00 and up
    • Long Gun $65.00 and up
    • Shipped Priority with $1,000 in Insurance



Cerakote Service – includes disassembly & reassembly, minor flaw removal, surface blasting, parkerized base finish, and test fire.

Handgun Frame or Slide – 1 color only $75.00 and up (not available for revolvers)
Handgun One Solid Color (excludes custom/pattern) $150.00 and up
Handgun Custom (pattern or multi color) $200.00 and up
Long Gun $150 and up (ask for quote)

Parkerizing – Manganese phosphate formula Parkerizing, for a smooth, dark, charcoal appearance. Includes minor flaw removal, surface blasting, and test fire.

Handgun $140.00
Long Gun $210.00 minimum (ask for quote)



Guns we do NOT work on under any circumstance:


Brazilian single barrel and double barrel (over/under, side-by-side) long guns
British SMLE rifles in other than original .303 caliber
Colt Lightning Magazine rifles
Firearms designed for black powder ammunition capable of firing modern ammunition
Henry Survival .22 rifles
Marlin Models as follows: 1878, 16, 17, 19, 19S, 19N, 21, 24, 24G, 26, 28, 30, 31, 42,
43, 44, 49, 49N, 53, 63, 92, 93
Model 95 Steyr Straight Pull (bolt cracks easily with modern ammunition… parts are
obsolete… normal gun parts wear causes action to open during firing)
Mosin Nagant 1891 in other than original caliber
Mauser Model 1898 chambered for the “J” bore caliber (.318 diameter bores).
Ammunition is different from standard 8×57 Mauser ammunition.
Mauser rifle models as follows:
Any Mauser converted to a shotgun caliber.
Any 1898 converted to 300 H&H Magnum.
Models 1893, 1894, 1895 and 1896 in calibers other than .250 Savage, .257
Roberts, 7×57, 300 Savage or 6.5
Low quality firearms of German, Italian or Brazilian make
(single or double action in any caliber)
Remington Models: 10, 12, 29, 121, 1901 (rolling block rifles that have been
converted to a caliber other than 30-30, 30-40, 7×57, 45-70)
Savage Model M99 below serial #90,000
Springfield Model 1903 Rifles as follows:
Springfield Armory Serial #800,00 or below
Rock Island Arsenal Serial #286,00 or below
National Ordinance Any Serial #
Santa Fe Any Serial #
Sedgley Any Serial #
(bad heat treating or no heat treating)
Stevens Models: 73, Favorite, Crack Shot, Maynard Junior, Visible Loader, Scout
Winchester Models: 1887, 1893, 1901, 1911, 40, Pump-Action .22s converted to any
caliber other than original
Anything from: Calico, Clerke, CVA, Ross, Schmidt Rubin, Volunteer Arms

Pistols and Revolvers

Broom Handle Mauser 1896 pistol
Colt 1877 Lightning and Thunderer revolvers
Low quality firearms of German, Italian or Brazilian make
Revolvers converted to other than original caliber
Spanish S&W or Colt look-a-like revolvers
Top break revolvers of all makes
Vector CP1
Anything from: American Regent, AMT, Armsco, Baver, Boito, Bryco, Calwesto, CBC
Clerice,Clerke, Davis, Erma, FIE, Frommer, High Point, IMP, Indian Arms, Jager,
Jennings, Llama, Lorcin, NAACO, Orties, PAF, Phoenix, Precision Small Arms, RG,
Raven, Reck, Rigarmi, Rosco, Rossi, Sovereign, Spesco, Stallard Arms, Standard
Arms, Stoeger, Ultra-Hi and Rohm, U.S. Revolver Co.


Damascus or laminated steel barrel shotguns
L.C. Smith shotguns
Marlin exposed bolt and exposed hammer pump shotguns
Old (pre 1900) American break open single barrel of any make/brand
Side hammer shotguns
Winchester 1911 shotguns
Anything from: Huglu